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I love
That you love
Even when I
Don't love
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 2 0
Genderbread Jenn by ThymeandAgain Genderbread Jenn :iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 3 2
Screaming Peace
There's a peace, this side of obscene,
That you don't see until you've been
On the brink of all sorts of crazy,
Ill-advised feeling;
A kind of catharsis without
The pleasure of knowing what about
What just happened made you
Just that numb.
A self assurance that no one can
Make you feel worse, no, no one can
Because you've been there,
And come back a wreck;
A self-accepting blunder,
The kind that make people wonder
Just where along the line
You had snapped.
Your head swims, floats, screams,
Until it enters your bloodstream
And you're infected, inside,
Outside. All over.
Sick with that sense of comfort
That soothes what had hurt
Even though you're still bleeding
Silently to death.
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 0 0
Does there exist, in this place of ours,
A place where the strong can be weak,
Without fear of reproach?
A respite in the war for our souls,
Between anger and bitterness,
Love and madness,
Truth and...
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 0 0
Whimsicott by ThymeandAgain Whimsicott :iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 0 0
Miss Me
There's a curve to my hips,
and the line of my lips,
that you know exists just to make you miss me.
And the look of my eyes,
The way my fingers rise,
They make you realize that you need me
And every inch of skin,
Without or within,
Is content in being there just to make you smile
And those dark eyes that follow,
Your pale lips that swallow,
The words you know you can't dare to say
They're my greatest desire
Every time you go, you know that I will wait here
Every part of me that is there only for you
And every breathy sigh, or cry that I deny
I'll bottle them until you listen, because -
You know there is no end
No reason to pretend
That you can get away from my greatest charms
And every feigned embrace,
Those others that you chase,
There's nothing at the end of those miles and miles, because
Every time you go, you know that I will wait here
Every part of me that is there only for you
And every breathy sigh, or cry that I deny
I'll bottle them until you listen
And every single stare,
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 0
Ode to Spring Cleaning
Sweaty death cannot end, for I must move things once again.
Left to right, up and down, from here to fucking China Town -
Damn you, oh closet, and damn your dust mites,
damn boxes and shoes and lights, oh so bright.
To hell with your cleaning, I'm more than just through -
If I have to clean more, I don't know what I'll do!
Smack babies, punch junk, or even stab grannies
Go and kick puppy dogs right in their fannies!
I'll die, I tell you - I'll simply not last,
And all of my rage is now dying fast...
And so I shall move them, each bag, box, and wire,
And do oh so much more than was supposedly required -
But you see, in the end, there's little to do...
Just finish the closet, and tell it to you.
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 0 0
Everything Chpt. 1
An old obsession finally come to light, I found the nerve to ask him to give me an audience. It was a not-so-extraordinary balmy evening in the suburbs of London, when the date of our meeting came to pass.
At the appointed time, there was the rumble of an engine outside, as he parked in the driveway and headed up the long walkway.
There will always be something that strikes me about him. From head to toe, he exudes confidence. Knowing him as I do, I often wonder at the source of this self assured stature; he often has much to doubt himself about.
He is of average height now – which was something quite different in the time that he was born. When most men weren't breaching five feet, he grew to be a man of nearly six, with a strong, broad chest, and limbs just a little too long to look natural. He's finely muscled, with lean hips, and a small waist that neither looks feminine, nor overly stocky.  
His face, however, is probably what drew me to him first. A delicately scul
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 0 0
These willful walls that you've created,
Which keep us now so separated;
What more is left for me to do,
To bridge the gap of me and you?
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 0
What's there left to find,
Among the ashes and shredded pages
that twister about?
Relics of a fallen age;
Remnants of a revere,
Of a time when purpose swallowed
Doubt, and Fear,
And all of my negligent affections.
There are nothing but eyes,
Horror filled and massive,
Left in the distorted elegance
That was once greeted me
In the silver-shimmer looking glass.
Nothing but eyes that document
Long lost ambitions,
As they tumble down the well,
to join dreams, long dead, now
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 3
Mature content
Winter :iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 13 8
Wear a random rainbow tie day by ThymeandAgain Wear a random rainbow tie day :iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 8 1 A little something by ThymeandAgain A little something :iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 2
Of Mice and Wolves
It was the beginnings of another balmy, beautiful night in Orlando. In the dead of summer, it was hot, even now as the sky above the park turned a deep, inky black. The crowds were thinning out - parents were taking their tired children out of the park, to head back to hotels and households for a night of sleep, while older children and their families started to gather around the Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Coven had had much the same idea, and after a day of running from park to park, he could tell that his Husband was more than a little ready for the respite.
They meandered through the groups of people talking and chatting, heading towards a small set of benches around the plaza in front of the castle, each toting their own cold drink and various purchased items. Coven sipped at his cold water and smiled a bit noticing Hezubah's instant move to a reclined position, stretching his long legs out across the whole two-seater bench. He rolled his eyes at his beloved's dramatics, moving o
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 0
Trowa by ThymeandAgain Trowa :iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 0
The Fruit
This tainted fruit you've never tasted;
Think back on all the years you have wasted
Turning nose up at the flavor
Which you, in ignorance, could never savor.
You wish you had enough inside
To lick your lips, and open wide;
To see the truth that's in your face;
The love therein went unembraced.
T'was your mistake to still assume,
That though this flower's still in bloom
The fruit it bears is still for you -
For, though tis virginal it is no more,
Her lips are sweet, her heart is pure,
And her love loves forever more.
Formaldehyde flows in these veins,
With two parts honey, and it sustains
This broken doll, so lovely still,
That now free to live its will.
Despite the puppet master's hands,
His harsh rebukes and rough demands -
She lives! She lives! And still can say
"I'll love me over you any day"
:iconthymeandagain:ThymeandAgain 1 2


Henna Lotus Flower by ZachariahBusch Henna Lotus Flower :iconzachariahbusch:ZachariahBusch 46 7 Juliet Barton turnaround by Aunril Juliet Barton turnaround :iconaunril:Aunril 7 0 Ancient Tale by Aunril Ancient Tale :iconaunril:Aunril 4 0 Strawberries by Aunril Strawberries :iconaunril:Aunril 3 0 Escape by Aunril Escape :iconaunril:Aunril 2 0 Marius and Armand by KatinkaMeserant Marius and Armand :iconkatinkameserant:KatinkaMeserant 687 217 MC - sweaters, scarves and smarts by Eeba-ism MC - sweaters, scarves and smarts :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 140 49 OZ mascots by RivkaZ OZ mascots :iconrivkaz:RivkaZ 18 1 Trans Fear by humon Trans Fear :iconhumon:humon 6,079 517 HHN: Too hot by sionra HHN: Too hot :iconsionra:sionra 1,068 99 Nathan Drake's Yogurt Night by doubleleaf Nathan Drake's Yogurt Night :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 5,515 510 A New Found Love by kyotoxo1 A New Found Love :iconkyotoxo1:kyotoxo1 88 11 Duo the awesome by kyotoxo1 Duo the awesome :iconkyotoxo1:kyotoxo1 22 5 Wrong guy... by humon Wrong guy... :iconhumon:humon 12,203 2,141 FIFTEEN - 2011 - Gundam Wing by kacfrog711 FIFTEEN - 2011 - Gundam Wing :iconkacfrog711:kacfrog711 313 34 Sketch painting III by sakimichan Sketch painting III :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,313 589



United States
Current Residence: Austin, Texas
Operating System: MS FTW!
Wallpaper of choice: Something HeeroxDuo related
Skin of choice: ...pale
Favourite cartoon character: ...Duo. Does he count? If not...screw it, he does.
Personal Quote: If love be a virus, may I ever be infected.
  • Listening to: The Real Folk Blues - Cowboy Bebop OST
...always seems to follow bad moods.  Anyone else get that?  Anyway! Today's little piece will probably be a bit of fanfiction...I heard these songs again and was inspired to write a piece on one of them.………

Enjoy ya'll,



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